Update 11 (12th Feb '08)

Problems :

I've managed to pack the data into a set of 12 but it seems that there is a problem of data lost or being misallocated.
For example the number 000001100000 would correspond to the inputs from the 12 input sensors but the '1' we see here is from input sensor 1 and it starts from the middle. It appears to be random.

Furthermore the server has a cold start lag for the data from the input to catch up. It takes about 20s for the server to respond instantaneously to pressure on the input side. This is probably due to the fact that i removed XXX seperating the 12 digit data set from the client program. I removed the XXXs as the lag was too much considering that i'm querying net servers and sending the data as well.

Will try to fix these problems ASAP.

Here's what I've found so far. XXX000000000000XXX represents the 12 input motors at '0' pressure. Assuming say input sensor 2 is pressed, the data changes to XXX01600000000000XXX where 160 is the pressure on input 2. Apparently if all input sensors are pressed, the data sent is huge XXX250250250250250250250250250250250250XXX is the longest case possible.

Each input sensor has values ranging from 0->250. I've yet to ascertain how to properly reprocess the data to a string which doesn't change so the PIC can receive the data properly as a mutating string is too hard too process on the output circuit.

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