Update 13 (20th Feb '08)

Good, i've managed to solve the problem of the input data running around.
E.g. when i press input sensor 1 i might get 000100000000 or 010000000000 instead of the intended 100000000000.

I also solved the lag caused by net queries by using a marker to send data every few loops.
data is sent as X000000000000X for about 15 loops to correct the order.
After 15 loops i stop sending X's to speed up the process as i send coordinates every few loops as well which might be
sent as #1.234$123.856%X00000000000.
Every 300 loops i start to send X again to reorder the data in case data is lost since im utilizing UDP for my transfer of data which is unreliable.

Here's a screenshot of the server when input sensors 2, 3 and 9(lightly pressed) were pressed.
On the right of the pic are the periodic coordinates of the doll that are received on the server.

In the background the original pressure bars utilizing OpenGL were left untouched though i'll need 2 laptops to properly simulate the entire system. The only change to the Client program is the updating of concatenated coordinates before they are sent periodically to the server.

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