Update 15 (3rd Mar '08)

i realized that in the current system, data is sent continuously, which wastes power consumption especially for the Matchport b/g chip. When there is no data transfer and on power saving mode the power consumed is only 250mW.

Here's the power consumption at 3.3V

Wireless Mode Associated
850 mW (Reg performance. Data transfer at 230 Kbps.)
740 mW (Low performance. Data transfer at 230 Kbps.)
350 mW (Regular performance. No data transfer.)
250 mW (Low performance. No data transfer.)
1360 mW (High performance bridging mode)

Theoretically , using a 3.6v rechargeable battery with 1000mAH, it can last for 1000mA/(740mW/3.3V) = 3.9 hours with data being continuously sent.

However assuming data is not sent when read input is 000000000000+(timestamp) battery lasts much longer for
1000mA/(250mw/3.3V) = 13.2 hours! That's about 3 times longer.
I will ask Roshan what he thinks and then possible tweak the server to only send data if something is pressed on the input side.

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