Update 18 (5th April '08)


Since everything has been done with the data processed.. i proceeded with the integration with the air bag.

Problems :

Certain resistors hadto be changed on the air bag circuit since it was desgined for use with both the Bluetooth and WIFI chip.
The Bluetooth only requires 3v to sense and high and the Matchport seems to require more although the data sheet clearly specifies that anything more than 2V would suffice.

i used a different air bag as well and realized that tiny little details like the air bag dimensions and amount of air leakage requires a comepletely new set of set points, Kp and Ki for the air bag to correctly reflect the different pressure levels.

Finally i settled on Kp as 1.0 and Ki as 1.0 in order to correctly display the different pressure levels. (0-9)

The airbag is also currently tied to input sensor 4

Here is a screenshot of the airbag inflating when the Matchport sends data to it.

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