Update 3 (12 Oct' 07)

i have proceeded to fabricate the pcb for the Matchport. Problems are acquiring the sockets for the matchport and will take 1 week to come.
Other parts are the LEDs and antenna.

Ok, the sockets for the matchport have arrived and tests on the PCB are successful. I've proceeded to fabricate the antenna as well. Here is a picture of the antenna which can operate in the 2.4Ghz range for WLAN as well as graphs to show why my design is such.

The top graph shows that loading the antenna design with a superstrate of high permittivity can help increase bandwidth and even provide for a more negative return loss. Both of which are plus points. The highest permittivity substance i think would be good is graphite with a dielectric constant of 10 but wonder if i can obtain it.1694016628_124c44a9c9.jpg?v=0
The 2nd graph shows how the power changes as substrate thickness changes. Luckily the variations are not that great since the NUS lab can only fabricate a fixed FR4 substrate thickness of 1.6mm.

Finally, the last picture shows my pcb design. The blue part is the ground plane and the top part represents the 50ohm impedence line required for impedence matching. I will be using the Hirose U.FL connectors.
The top spiral part is the antenna design where the RF waves are radiated.

Results!! (23rd Oct '07)

The fabricated antenna based on the design shown above was a success! Pinging the matchport with the planar antenna yielded the fastest ping times even compared to the original antenna provided. Without the antenna packet loss is quite common and with the planar antenna packet loss is rare.

Problems : However since the haptic suit has not yet been finalised, the covering materials might influence the sensitivity of the antenna. One comforting point is the fact that the antenna is connected by a Hirose U.FL cable so different cable lengths enable the antenna to be placed anywhere on the suit.

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