Update 7 (22 Dec '07)

-Tasked by Roshan to look into tracking modules to locate position of haptic suit relative to doll.
-Done some research and found a suitable GPS module which has an attached antenna

EM-408 by GlobalSat Tech. Corporation

Product and evaluation board can easily be ordered at www.sparkfun.com as well.


Price: $47.99 (USD) WIth the GPS evaluation board which is $39.95
it comes up to be a total of 90 USD

Some resons why i choose this :

Compact size (36.4mm * 35.4 mm * 8.3mm) suitable for space-sensitive application
Main power input 3.3V DC input
Warm start 38 sec., average
Equipped with embedded antenna
Manual is not too complicated so hopefully configuring the module isn't too hard since this project just requires distance

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