Update 8 (1 Feb '08)

I've scrapped the idea of using the gps modules and moved on to use ip database querying using .NET programming for visual C++.

Reasons :
Less power consumption
Circuit stays small
Saves production cost

Tests :
This method is very reliable when we use it to compare countries.
However, within a country it is not so accurate as the website queried can only detect the proxy server or main access provider for example singtel or pacific net. It will give the location for the main server.
However, after much research i realised that all that is needed is field data to update the ip database on the website. That is, field data ofthe ip addresses in Singapore.
But this may mean that i have the buy the package online so i decided for test and demo purposes querying the web server would be good enough.

Here are the sites i'm querying:
http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation (backup site)

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