Update 9 (3rd Feb '08)

After the CA2 with Prof. Cheok, i've already packed the data of the 12 input sensors before sending it out to my output circuit, the matchport.

I've rewritten the client and server programs such that the client program will periodically query the web server for its location and send it's concatenated coordinates to the server. E.g. Latitude : 1.293 , Longitude : 105.856 will be sent as #1.293$105.856* to the server.
It makes it easier for the server to extract the data and based on that the server will calculate the distance from the input circuit.
Of course, the server will make occasional queries to the web server for it's own location. Here's a snapshot of the server program


This system assumes we have a public ip address and that the server is located in the kid's house which makes sense since we want to make this system hassle free for the kid .

This system can hpefully be implemented with the color changing shirt.

As of now i'm having problems with programming the PIC linked to the matchport since it's handling 12 characters sent from the server. I do not know how to display the appropriate signals on the LED indicators i have. Furthermore, nothing has been said about how many motors the haptic suit will have.

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